For over twenty years we have been preaching at these Hollywood awards, from the SAG, Peoples Choice, Grammy, to the Academy Awards.  Many pulpits speak against the evils of Hollywood from inside their Church, yet every year they dont come to preach that message to the streets that need to hear it.  This yearly event is where one can preach to actors, directors and those that front money to produce these films, for this is their big night.

Last night was the 80th annual Academy Awards and anyone who is anyone with Hollywood was there flaunting their stuff.  Jewelry, dresses, hundreds of black stretch limos, silicone implants, botox, tattoos, hairdos and other bling bling were proudly displayed.


So once again we stood at several locations around the Kodak theater in Hollywood, as my crew of Joel, Jack, Sandy and myself worked Highland Blvd, two blocks before Hollywood Blvd and the famous Red Carpet.   Limos were lined up to be checked and the L.A.P.D. gave us much liberty, even to use the mega horns from the sidewalk right next to the vehicles.  I guess this is what happens when you are considered a friendly and our signs are part of the wood work out here on big events in Los Angeles.  Many of these limos rolled their windows down to hear the preaching, some asked questions, many took pictures of us preaching at them and one offered me a drink. 

As we stood in the rain I could not put names to the faces I saw as one celebrity stuck her head out the window proclaiming Jesus as her Lord and thanking us for being there.


Bobby stood up the block on the opposite side of us using his truth horn.  Doug and Donna stood with banners across the street and witnessed to the crowd.  Paul, Jeremy and Sarah were on Hollywood Blvd. Now Jack and Sandy are from Wisconsin and visiting Southern California for two months.  They have never saw nor preach at anything like this and this one event that made their whole year.   We also picked up a new guy from San Jose, this Asian Brother Luong Do made a sign that read Fear God and thought he would alone preaching a salty message to Hollywood.  He will be yoked up with Bible Believers San Francisco.

This my 28th Oscar preach and God has been warning this people of pimping their lives to Hollywood and invested hours of memorizing scrips rather than knowing the Bible.   So the next time you hear names like....... 

River Phoenix

Dana Plato

Chris Farley

Freddie Prinze

Margaux Hemingway

John Belushi

Phil Hartman

Cheyenne Brando

Raymond Neil Combs

Spalding Gray

Richard Jeni

Anna Nicole Smith

Brian Keith

(to name a few) that have committed suicide after living in this so called life of fame,  but KNOW THIS, they were warned of meeting a holy God for years. 
(Amos 4:12/Heb.9:27).

From the WATCHTOWER,  Ruben Israel