Preaching Against Papal Authority

and the Lies of Catholicism

In the spirit of a true Protestant protesting the church and sin.

I returned home from Washington/New York today and will be back at work on Wednesday, so I can only give a brief report from this past week.   We had a Baptist Church in Pennsylvania and another in Stanton Island host us with a place to lay our heads.  Brethren from California, Nevada, Utah, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, Georgia, West Virginia, New Jersey, Virginia Beach, come to raise banners and preach against the RCC.   What a gloomy day for America to have the pope visit America on tax-day April 15.

The crowds that gathered to hear the pope were at least 85% Latino, mainly female, with a large portion I assume illegal.  If these poor souls did not show the streets in both Washington and New York would have been empty.  I can say that this pope is not as loved as John Paul was in America being at both of their visits personally, this is obvious.  John Paul was as a loved grandfather to the Church and even those outside the Church, whereas this Benedict XVI is liken to a step father that we must put up with for a season.

The amount of money the United States spent on this man was incredible, just with the security alone will be in the millions.  With hundreds and hundreds of police everywhere, Feds, bomb units, SWAT, police dogs, snipers, undercover, black SUVs everywhere, boats around the UN with weapons out, blocks of streets closed, sidewalks shut down to the public for days.  Yet even with that we were able to do our job better than any. 

We exhorted the crowd that Jesus road into Jerusalem on a simple donkey and their first pope Peter (wink-wink) never had an arrow proof chariot.  But if I were Benedict I would be fearful to die and meet the living God too.  But these Latinos were in their own little world.  They would sing these same songs, chanting with drums while doing a weird Aztec type dance for hours working themselves into a pope frenzy.

In Washington DC we had much liberty preaching with banners raised and NO-Bull horns blasting at every location the pope attended including where he retried for the evening.   However in New York no banners can be held with metal/wood/PVC poles, and only Brother Anderson from Virginia Beach brought cardboard poles to use.  No mega horns were allowed, so we were ready and switched to plastic horns as we preached to the crowds.   The first day in New York Larry Craft was arrested and placed in a NYPD wagon, he was later cited and released.  We were all threatened with arrest daily as we argued with police everywhere.   I later worked with a NYPD captain and city attorney which allowed to do much more on the sidewalk as they moved people and allowed us to walk and preach.

As with any event, we were pushed, spit, banners pulled and one priest even tried to punch a brother in the face.  I hate you and I wish you were dead were yelled at us and many complained to the police to arrest us or move us.   The crowd would roar with “viva Benedicto” when we just raised a Bible in hand.   The angry anti Bible crowd would respond with waving yellow flags and pennants with the face of Benedict at us with their dance and chant hoping that would drown us out.

Oh if I had a nickel for every time someone gave me the sign of the cross, or prayed “hail Mary” at me, I would be a very rich man today.   The first day in Washington DC we had a young man get saved, as he never heard the words “born again” and on a pubic sidewalk he was a new creature.  I spoke with a Pilipino man in New York that stood around for hours listening to the preaching and later he followed us into a restaurant with more questions.  He concluded that yes, Mary is worshipped within the Catholic faith and that was wrong.   Everyone had a great conversations which was provoked from the out loud preaching. 

To be filed under The Will of God:

In DC Brother Kevin (from San Francisco in picture below) was preaching on the route and when the pope mobile came by, it stalled out right in front of Kevin for about 30 seconds.  Secret service rushed the pope-mobile and surrounded it facing the crowd as Kevin blasted non stop as the helpless Benedict looked nervous inside his fish bowl.  It soon restarted and drove off down the street.

We were all interviewed with news worldwide everyday as we pointed out the line in the sand between a Christian and a Roman Catholic.  If they wanted confrontation to film or print it was daily around the men with banners as we argued and debated for the faith everywhere. 

My overall view on the week is there is something hovering and coming over religion in general, which is striving to be one.   Anyone with eyes to see can see that Benedict XVI tried to be one with all faiths of Christianity and finding a path together with the Jew and Muslim under the umbrella of peace with this trip.  Even the new prophet of the Mormon Church has this same spirit as we preached in Salt Lake City two weeks ago, when he wanted to yoke with other religions as one.  Maybe I must have missed Sunday school that day because I am not on the same page and do not plan in the near future to be.  But what I clearly saw was our true FOE for today is PEACE and unity. 

With my ear to the track and where the rubber meets the road out in the streets of America, I see our enemy as harmony of all religions and I refuse the new Kool-Aid, as many will never see it coming because it seems and tastes so good.  


Ruben Israel

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