• SOAPA is an acronym for the Southeast Open Air Preacher’s Association.
  • The primary purpose of SOAPA is educational.
  • One of the primary features of a SOAPA conference is the practical application of basic open air preaching principles and team work.  Attendees have the opportunity to fellowship with and work alongside each other during the daily plenary sessions and outreach segments.
  • During the daily public preaching segments newcomers are encouraged to work alongside their team leaders, these are men who are seasoned veterans of the open air preaching ministry. Newcomers are encouraged to use their time on the campus or public sidewalk to observe,  study, listen and work in concert with their team leader as they prayerfully support the overall effort to publically proclaim the Word of God.   The public proclamation of the Word of God in this setting is a comprehensive task involving prayer, confrontational evangelism, personal evangelism, tract distribution, apologetics, discernment, boldness and the power of the Holy Ghost.
  • SOAPA is not affiliated with any one particular Protestant denomination. Conference attendees, participants and speakers come together from a variety of denominational backgrounds within Protestantism. This means that a SOAPA conference will be attended by men of God that share the dual burden to win lost souls and to publically proclaim the Word of God. This is a Holy Ghost directed conference and as such it is likely that there will be elements of the conference that some may find to be out of sync with their tradition or doctrinal predisposition and presuppositions…
  • SOAPA does not collect “membership dues”
  • SOAPA conferences are free of charge
  • SOAPA conferences are structured in such a way so as to provide attendees with opportunities to hear from a wide variety of guest speakers on a wide variety of topics and issues ranging from theological topics to 1st Amendment legal issues.  Some of the previous SOAPA conferences have covered topics having to do with: The Wrath of Almighty God, Judgment, Conviction, Sin, Holiness and The Love of God in addition to covering some highly debatable theological topics.
  • Conference plenary sessions are conducted in a lecture style that is augmented by fiery preaching from time to time depending on the speaker.
  • Speaker lineups include personal testimonies from the podium or pulpit by young men or new believers some of whom have never actually done any public preaching before…1Tim 4:12 “Let no man despise thy youth; but be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity.”
  • The ultimate goal of a SOAPA conference is the strengthening and building up of the brethren, the fellowship of the Holy Ghost and the salvation of lost souls in addition to the public proclamation of the Word of God…all in the name of JESUS our Lord.
  • The Association held its first meeting in 2004. The conference was hosted by The Open Bible Tabernacle in Marietta, Georgia. Sr. Pastor Eugene Holder gave a message titled “Into the Highways and Hedges” taken from Luke 14:23 “And the Lord said unto his servant, Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled.” Attorney Nate Kellum with the Alliance Defense Fund brought the men at this first conference a message on “Your 1st Amendment Rights” and we have endeavored to address this topic at each subsequent meeting.
  • The phrase “Open Air Preaching” is descriptive of the focus of a SOAPA conference. This phase is also known as “The Public Proclamation of the Gospel” and many who are employed in such work are referred to as “street preachers”…
  • Confrontational Evangelism is also incorporated into the scope of “Open Air Preaching” but does not necessarily involve the use of large banners or sandwich board signs.

DISCLAIMER: If you have a difficult time having fellowship with those who do not line up with your particular doctrinal beliefs then you should prayerfully consider attending a SOAPA conference. You will find that it is actually possible for Arminians and Calvinist to co-exist in the same room without the situation turning into a brawl. If you love the Lord Jesus Christ and His Word, and believe that He is God in the flesh who dwelt among us, and if you love the KJV Bible and sowing that Word through public PREACHING then you should feel most welcome at a SOAPA conference.
DISCLAIMER #2:  Some of the brethren that attend the SOAPA conference actually wear T-shirts and shorts when they preach and some of them go so far as to cut the sleeves off of the shirts and may actually resemble this fictional photo of John The Baptist…If you are prone to equate the attire and facial hair characteristic of the Amish with holiness and authority then you will be challenged to set aside those stereotypes at a SOAPA conference…consider yourself warned in advance…

  • The following is a list of topics that have been covered at previous SOAPA Conferences. These titles are all available online at:  www.youtube.com/user/SouthernPreachers

Grace Gone Wild: Bro. Jim Gilles
Biblical Salvation: Bro. Jim Gilles
Temptation Is Not a Sin: Bro. Jim Gilles
Escaping Sin: Bro. Jim Gilles
Free Speech Rights: Bro. John McGlone
Advanced Open Air Preaching: Bro. John McGlone
The Sin of Pride: Bro. James Lyman
Never Give Up: Bro. James Lyman
Saving Souls: Bro. James Lyman
Evangelism and the Evangelist: Bro. McRae
Campus Preaching at GSU: Bro. Jesse Morrell
A Street Preachers Calling: Bro. Doug Berry
Manifestations of the spirit of antichrist
A Message to Cussing Preachers: Pastor Dave Gibson
America’s Problem: Bro. James Lyman
Southern Decadence: Bro. Brian Cranford
Called To Preach: Bro. Brian Cranford
Churchianity in America: Bro. Ron May
Evangelism Essentials for today’s culture: Bro. Keith Higgins
Evidence for a young Earth: Bro. Clarence Cope
Enduring Afflictions: Bro. John Kranert
The Evangelist: Bro. John Kranert
Alice Bailey and “The Plan”: Bro. John Rosser
Emergent Church and Eucharistic Adoration: Bro. John Rosser
New Age Mysticism and the Emergent Church: Bro. John Rosser
Denying the Power Thereof: Bro. Micah Armstrong
End Times Ministry: Bro. Micah Armstrong
Desire Spiritual Gifts: Bro. Micah Armstrong
Casting Out Devils: Bro. Micah Armstrong
Open Air Preaching Essentials: Bro Micah Armstrong
Signs and Wonders: Bro. Micah Armstrong
Presupposition Apologetics: Bro. Kerrigan Skelly
God Loves and Hates Too: Bro. John Kranert
Preaching Tips: Bro. Ruben Israel
Reason Why I Preach Events: Bro. Ruben Israel
Mardi Gras Preaching: Bro. Ruben Israel
Remember Wally Tope: Pastor Dave Gibson
Never Give Up: Pastor Len Blanchard
The Wrath of God Abides: Pastor Len Blanchard
The Right Stuff: Bro. Ruben Israel
Persevering Until the End: Bro. Rube Israel
Secrets of the Kingdom: Bro. Clarence Cope
Burn The Ships: Bro. John McGlone
Preaching With Clarity: Bro. Mitch Metzger
The Rise and Fall of the Campus Preacher: Bro. Jim Gilles
Your Turning Them Away From Christ: Bro. Jim Gilles
Don’t Judge Me: Bro. Michael Venyah
Preach The Word: Pastor Dave Gibson
Spiritual Revolution: Pastor Dave Gibson
Homosexuality is a Choice: Bro. Jesse Morrell
Cry Aloud and Spare Not: Bro. Micah Armstrong
Holy Ghost Inspired Preaching: Bro. Micah Armstrong
Axe to the Root: Bro. Micah Armstrong
How to Shipwreck Your Calling: Bro. Kerrigan Skelly
How to Experience Mission Failure: Bro. Kerrigan Skelly
The Dog Returns to its Vomit: Bro. Micah Armstrong
Ascend or Perish: Bro. John Rosser
Bucket Shop USA: Bro. John Kranert
The Credit Default Swap WMD: Bro. John Kranert
Supernatural Bailout Plan: Bro. John Kranert
Judgment Day: Bro. Clarence Cope
Brian McLaren and the Emergent Church: Bro. Clarence Cope
Brian McLaren Gets Spanked: Bro. Clarence Cope
Masters of Deception: Bro. John Rosser
Emergent Church Deception: Bro.Bill Hamilton
The Spirit of Love: Pastor Doug Stevenson
The Fear of the Lord: Pastor Doug Stevenson
The Damnable Heresy of Unitarian/Universalism: Bro. Bill Adams
Antichrist Shall Appear as an Angel of Light: Bro. John Rosser
Obama, Oprah and Eckhart Tolle: Bro. John Rosser
A Monistic World View: Bro. John Rosser
Oprah and Eckhart Tolle: Bro. John Rosser
Soldiers of the Cross: Bro. Rubern Israel
God Hates Castro Street Homos: Pastor Dave Gibson
Working With Local Law Enforcement: Bro. Ruben Israel
The Game Plan For Public Preaching: Bro. Ruben Israel
A Wicked Generation of NOW: Pastor Len Blanchard
Campus Preaching Strategies: Bro. Jim Gilles
The Wrath of God: Bro. Jesse Morrell
Signs of the Times: Bro. Ruben Israel
Preaching at Sturgis Bike Week: Bro. Ruben Israel
Preaching at the University of Georgia Party School: Bro. Micah Armstrong