The Saints who have gone before us...

Holy Hubert Lindsay

STARTING OPEN AIR PREACHING IN THE 1960’S AT BERKLEY California which inspired Brother Jed smock cmusa amd bobby bible Christian brothers church.  Hubert’s west coat preaching is an living example of preaching and debating bible in public.

About a quarter way into this clip you will hear Brother Holy Hurbert preaching on campus




Paul deParrie

aka The Portland PORCUPINE

From PORTLAND preached on the streets for years, very active in the pro-life movement and fought for free speech laws.  Porcupine was a genius on free speech as he personally worked with active Christians nationwide.  Minutes After this rebuke to politicians he died.



Gene O'‘Neal

Gene Oneal


Publicly preached on times square/42nd Street for years.  This 6 foot 3 man Lived and traveled around the country in a small Christianized trailer promoting the God of the bible in public (photo of trailer below).  Gene preached, walked, talked and lived as an Old Testament prophet.  Feared no one but god! 

An old interview with Gene Gene the preaching machine





From UPSTATE NEW YORK a man not ashamed of the gospel. A beacon in his community and love to dispute the difference between the Jesus of the bible and the Jesus of the Mormon Church.  Worked, family man, active church member and made time to travel to proclaim god’s word.    

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Wiley Killgore

Brother Wiley from Seattle Washington was a utility player, he would operate the video camera, pass out tracts, hold banners and always wearing Christian tee shirts.  A Faithful witness in Seattle and Mardi gras, business owner that made time to street preach

Wiley Killgore



WALLY WAS KILLED WHILE PREACHING to THOSE LOOTERS DURING THE Rodney King Los Angeles riots.   Brother Tope was beat into a coma and later died, he was an active street preacher, campus preacher, made his own tracts and was faithful to bring the cross to the Mormon Church.

Wallace Wallace Tope Jr.