As liberal as California is, the Golden State voted in favor of male female marriage, as did Florida and Arizona.  This is the


very reason these people avoid the ballot box and laws changed were from the court system.   With this we have once again witnessed the sodomites protesting and demanding to force their perversion on us and if you disagree you are a hateful bigot. 







We wanted change and change we have with a black President, yet 70% of blacks in California voted yes on Prop 8 and not they are racist?   


Do the sodomites really want democracy, no they want to impose their lifestyle in schools, laws, courts, quotas and history.  At the end of the day, the issue will not be with the voters from California, nor the blacks and Mormons but their issue will be with the standard of God.  








How can these people use the word “gay” and manifest so much violence?



Click the link to see how they attacked an elderly lady in Palm Springs with a Cross and “Yes on 8” sign and the news lady seemed to be nervous. We were in that city just two days before this clip preaching against their pride parade:







Their agenda is I will force my beliefs on you as in this next clip where a young group of Christians walked on Castro Street with small signs.




Now I have preached on Castro Street and am very familiar with those warning whistles, once they are blown homos come running from everywhere.  From all my years of preaching in sinful venues this street is the real McCoy in regards to Sodom and Gomorrah.  It makes Bourbon Street, Beale Street, Ybor City and Key West look like a Sunday School meeting.   This wicked Street in San Francisco is away from Downtown, Fishermans Wharf, China Town, Golden Gate Park for good reason. 


These believers were just signing “Nothing but the Blood of Jesus” and “Oh the Blood of Jesus.”  Then they started shouting foul language and calling them names like “haters” and “bigots.”   The article said they started throwing hot coffee, soda, alcohol, and spitting (maybe even peeing) on them.  Blowing those whistles just inches away from their ears continually. Then, the violence comes complete with shoving and death threats of “I am going to kill you.”  This violence turns into perversion as they begin touching and grabbing these young believers, trying to shove things in their butt, with one pervert even trying to take the pants off of the Christian.


I see Castro Street has not changed.  You can only image what they did to us when we showed up?  We did not sing to them, we gave them a fiery message AND THE &*%$# HIT THE FAN!!!   I might do Castro Street again, that is if my doctor tells me I only have two days to live.  If you preach against this grid in San Francisco make sure your life insurance in paid up.   





This is a photo taken from the Los Angeles Times where we preached at city hall during a anti-8 rally and after the event was over I needed to be escorted to my vehicle under the watch of L.A.P.D. lest the gay community attack me.   

Below are a few articles:

Los Angeles Times
“Invoking religion: Among about half a dozen Proposition 8 supporters at Los Angeles City Hall was Dan Burton, 50, a retired air traffic controller, who held a sign that read, "Gays hate God. Romans 1:18-32," a reference to biblical passages denouncing wickedness and debauchery. "There's two sides to every story," Burton said. "Most people in this country don't want gay marriage, because it's biologically, culturally and religiously perverse." Proposition 8 opponent Carl Hunter, 64, carried a sign reading, "Christians for gay marriage."


The Salt Lake Tribune
“Perennial Baptist street preacher Lonnie Pursifull convened his gathering not so much to support Proposition 8, but to condemn homosexuality as "an abomination in the eyes of the Lord." Added Ray Anderson of Salt Lake City: "God stands waiting to forgive, but He is ready to punish. If you have homosexual marriage, my child will learn that it is an acceptable behavior."
Pursifull's group marched from City Creek Park down State Street to Washington Square as motorists honked and gestured, some in support, some in derision.”


Deseret News
“local street preacher Lonnie Pursiful marched five city blocks with a small group of supporters from City Creek Park to the City-County Building, carrying anti-gay signs and wearing T-shirts with similar messages. The group gathered on the east side of Washington Square, surrounded by Salt Lake City police, but that didn't stop a few shouting matches from breaking out as those protesting Proposition 8 arrived at the rally”


Ruben Israel on CNN In Los Angeles






The sodomite mantra:

Gay, tolerant, accepting and its all about love, yet the wake of their behavior is pure hatred.

White powder sent to Mormon temples in Utah, LA

Same-sex marriage rowdies single out Mormons
Protesters riot at temple, vow further action against Latter-day Saints


Last Sunday the Boston Globe reported that homosexual activists are organizing a national boycott of the state of Utah


More than 200 protesters screamed and chanted in front of the Catholic Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels in Los Angeles


"Burn their f---ing churches to the ground, and then tax the charred timbers,"


Individuals targeted:
A Sacramento theater director was forced to resign from his job after it was revealed that he had given a $1000 donation to the Yes on Prop 8 committee.


Writer Linda Harvey (www.MissionAmerica.com) who has written quite a bit about the recent Prop 8 events and other homosexual issues in California, received an email threat from a Houston lawyer who brazenly identified himself. He told her: "You are very much being watched!




Ruben Israel



And one last point, don’t forget to watch the new movie called “BEYOND GAY” with the theme politics of pride and in this trailer you will see street preaching.