Preaching at the doorway to pigskin idolatry!


Preaching at Super Bowls for over 25 years, here is one of many preach reports from Motown.

We arrived Friday night in Detroit and scouted out the city, event locations and the stadium, because Super Bowl Sunday is an entire weekend of party and not just a Sunday gig.

1) Any homeless person was removed from the streets out of sight
2) Placed indoors and given food, heat, beds and a big screen TV to watch the game
3) Monday night they were sent outdoors again in the cold as many out of towners have gone home
4) The city bought public art to display everywhere
5) Detroit made empty store fronts to cover up the old brick buildings and broken glass around downtown
6) Alleys and abandon buildings were also covered with large long dark nets that covered the litter and garbage
7) Building were painted, trees planted, sidewalks were clean around the airport, Woodward Ave and downtown
8) Prices for food, drinks, car rental, parking, hotel and airfare were beyond expensive
9) Tickets for the game were starting at $2,200.00 for cheap seats
10) Since 911 all stadiums are shut down for big events.  So Ford Field was fenced in and the parking lot was not permitted for parking. There was no parking or stopping vehicles around the stadium at ant time
11) Streets were shut down and traffic was jammed everywhere around the motor city
12) If you had tickets for the game, the line started for the 6PM game before noon and after standing in line for hours, you were searched, then electrical wand and walked though a door jam that will detect pipe bombs or guns all before you can root for your favorite team
13) Bomb sniffing dogs were walking everywhere
14) Police, state troopers, event security and Fed's were everywhere not to mention helicopters flying around and men with rifles on top of buildings looking down on the crowds
15) This only meant that Detroit was the safest place to be on earth


Why is all this done? The eyes of our nation and the world looked upon Detroit last weekend and the only thing missing was STREET PREACHERS.

Saturday around noon, Kevin (from S.F.) met up with Michael Venyah and his crew from East Lansing. We preached in an area that was illegal because the event had been permitted blocks. I soon began debating with the event security and Detroit police as others preached holding banners and we all agreed that we could stay but no horns and not on the sidewalk of a particular area. It was rainy and began to snow which is fine if you lived there but I left Los Angeles where it was 72 degrees and now we are wearing jackets, gloves and boots. Within our team we had two groups. Group A stayed around this main artery with banners and group B walked the area with sandwich signs, as thousands of bodies were everywhere. I saw CNN filming the banners and they asked for an interview, so Wolf Blitzer got an interview from a Christian perspective. After signing a waver, we shook hands and he told me that he enjoyed the 15 minute interview. After it was dark, I noticed other cameras filming news and moved a banner to get a back drop shot and the Network complained. The police showed up and wanted us gone, so we over stayed our welcome and walked out around Woodward Ave to preach in the snow. There were 2 other groups preaching around town, at Greek-town and around the stadium as we all stayed out till around midnight.  Over all we had over 45 people from New York, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Utah, Florida, California, and Michigan join in to get the Word of God preached.

On Super Bowl Sunday we had groups around the three entrances as the crowds stood in line to get preached too. We utilized the mega-horns on and off all day as we argued with police regarding location. During the game we grabbed a bite and stepped away from the cold windy weather with fellowship. Preaching before this big game will always be problems but after the game, there is much more liberty, we could get next to the stadium with the horns blasting non stop as the crowds exit. I guess because security is not that big at this point? We had men in trench coats follow us, talking into their watch and there was a big black bus from "Homeland Security" and government icons all over it, that parked across the street from the main gate and filmed the preaching. Once again our lawyers from Pennsylvania sent the City Attorney and Detroit Police a seven page letter of what our objective was as street preachers and not protesters.

At the end of the days, everyone was exhorted to get on the winning team JESUS CHRIST or get the ultimate penalty. We had much liberty to preach, there was no arrests from our end and many young believers that joined us were edified in the faith.

I arrived home from Detroit only to preach at the Grammy Awards tonight in Los Angeles and the Word of God was published there too with banners. We had four lanes of limos that were preached too with two groups. Unlike the movie awards which hundreds of black Lincoln limos pass us, this event has celebrities arriving in anything that drives and any color. With this muSICK crowd I could not tell who was who and modest women were no where to be found. All were exhorted before the red carpet of sin, judgment and Jesus.

Great to be a Christian
Ruben Israel







“As fans hopped off the Qualcomm Stadium Trolley stop, they were greeted by the word of God. A preacher and some of his team were stationed at the stop wearing sandwich boards with messages such as "Sin = Hell: Party now, pay later." And the message spouted into a bullhorn by one made the message clear to fans of both teams: "Watch your step or you'll burn in hell."  Someone scores a touchdown, and you people go wacko," he shouted. "That's why Jesus said you need to be saved. San Diego, this is your wakeup call”






Glen Beck asks Where In The World Is Ruben Israel?


“At least six street preachers had installed themselves on either side of a main entrance, holding confrontational signs and announcing their beliefs with megaphones. I have never witnessed street preaching at this volume and tenacity. These guys were not screwing around. They were angry”


"I forget whether that occurred to me before or after seeing the street preachers on the walk back to the hotel.
They attend every Super Bowl, shouting about Jesus amid the bustle"


"cigar-smoking fans of both teams are whistling at bikini-clad girls. Meanwhile, shouting street preachers warn us all we’re going to hell for our sinful ways. My take: They're probably just bitter because they're not on the list"





Anti-Super Bowl Sentiment Opposes Idolatry Amidst Poverty & Crime & Poor Economy of Detroit/Michigan/Nation,

According to Detroit Attorney James Leonard Elsman
Tuesday January 31, 10:45 am ET

DETROIT, Jan. 31 /PRNewswire/ --

A Group of lay-preachers called "Citizens Against Super Bowl Idolatry" will attend the February 5, Super Bowl (outside), but warns the American public about the "deeper implications of Super Bowl idolatry in American life ... ," according to Birmingham activist lawyer, James Leonard Elsman.

quote: Hey, we are not party-poopers, but this whole event has become nonsensical in view of realities. We will bring some experienced Street- Preachers into Detroit to protest this unbalanced idolatry, with banners all around Ford Field. America's foremost Street-Preacher, Ruben Israel Chavez, will lead the group of 35+ preachers. He's coming all the way from Los Angeles to do so.


Elsman listed the non-sense, in order:


 1. Few Detroiters, or even Michigan citizens, will attend. This is not an ostentatious wine-and-caviar town.


 2. Detroit is a failed city, with a 'Bling-Bling' immature and corrupt Mayor for a poor role-model, as it nears bankruptcy. Even Seattle and Pittsburgh have their own unemployment and social problems.


 3. Detroit does not have a team worthy of the name -- but a long record of failure under current ownership and management. What is there to celebrate?


 4. The Michigan economy is at its lowest ebb in years, with the recent GM $9 Billion 2005 loss, Ford downsizing, and several companies in bankruptcy, e.g. NW Airlines, Delphi, and Kmart.


 5. Everyone knows that the homeless have been hidden away in Detroit shelters for the weekend, and that false-fronts have been put on many buildings, like a "Potemkin Village" in Czarist Russia. Real phony! Over $1,000,000,000 has been spent to earn $300,000,000 for private business and not one person has been helped. You just watch the local businesses complain about their losses after Sunday. False-fronts are not Detroit!


 6. Detroit is plagued with AIDS, crime, drugs, and a high school educational system that will not be world-competitive for many years, because of generational problems. The city is full of Aid-to-Dependent-Children women and abortion-on-demand -- plus the suburbs as well.


  7. Sunday is the Sabbath for Christian Churches, yet many have had to close or shorten their programs -- for this heathen event. Super Bowl weekend will also affect Muslim and Jewish services.


 8. Porn stars like Jenna Jameson and Playboy Magazine will be hosting large parties. Prostitutes from the USA and Canada are flocking here. It is one big bacchanal -- a Roman feast to the heathen god of football, an excuse to get drunk and carouse and gamble.


Elsman commented further,


quote: Look, America is at war, and we have many social problems and an unstable economy. One thing we have always had to rescue us in tough times is the Judeo-Christian faith. Super Bowl is heathen anathema! It is like the final days of Sodom & Gomorrah. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob will not forgive such behavior any more than He will 45,000,000 abortions after 'Roe.' American culture and movies with sin, sex and sodomy, are not even tolerated in the Muslim countries that we so easily feel superior to. God forgive us!


Ruben Israel Chavez has street-preached at Universities from Harvard to Berkley; for 22 straight years, he has preached at Mardi Gras; and, is now working with HBO regarding a Docu-Drama on Open-air Preaching.


Said Mr. Chavez, Jesus preached in the open places; St. Paul preached in the open places. You cannot reach people in Churches, if they don't go to Churches, Synagogues or Mosques.


Ruben Israel Chavez was trained and sent by Bible Jim Webber, who preaches every night in front of the Bellagio in Las Vegas and is considered the Grandfather of "Bible Believers" open-air preaching.


Elsman, himself, though a lawyer, just returned from preaching at Bethlehe's Manger Square on Christmas Eve, 2005, in Palestine-Israel, in front of the Church of the Nativity, where he was featured on FOX-TV, ABC-TV and in over 2,000 papers via an AP news release.


Elsman is not opposed to sports. He is the #1 Men's 65+ Singles player in Michigan and plays in world- class tournaments. Elsman said the Bible scripture most succinctly applicable is the very last sentence of John's 1st Letter: Keep yourselves from Idols."

Concluded Elsman with a wink, "More and more in America, especially regarding the overturning of Roe v. Wade, preaching will be done outside where people congregate. God used an ass to speak in the Bible. Our guys can do the job, just as well.


For info or interviews contact: Jim Elsman, Esq. (248) 645-0750                        

Cell (248) 766-5184  The Business Bldg. 635 Elm St. Birmingham, MI 48009